I'm interning at Amazon August-November

During my MSc in Paris, we had an amazing course taught by Fabian Pedregosa (http://fa.bianp.net/) and Fajwel Fogel (http://www.di.ens.fr/~fogel/). In this course, we learnt how to use Python for data analysis and to evaluate our knowledge we needed to participate in a challenge with other Paris students. Together with Matthieu Mazzolini and Paul Dufosse (they are very cool guys) I chose PlumeLabs challenge where the data was the air pollution in different cities over time. Long story short, we won it, which is totally due to my teammates, I would never be able to do it alone.

Back then, both Fabian and Fajwel were supervised by Alexandre d’Aspremont (postdoc and PhD student respectively). And they invited another postdoc of Alexandre, Federico Vaggi, to help them with grading our final presentations. Based on our grade, I guess that we made good impression on them, and I was pretty happy about it.

What is interesting is that Federico just a few weeks later was already working at Amazon. Last Fall I wrote Federico an email and after a few interviews a got accepted to intern in the same research team. The topic of my internship is not specified yet, but it will involve research in machine learning for problems motivated by Amazon’s needs. The coolest thing is that while the team’s work is very applied, for my internship they agree to work on quite theoretical topics, so that I would be able to use it for my PhD. Let us see what results I will have by the end of my internship.

Konstantin Mishchenko
Konstantin Mishchenko
Postdoctoral Researcher

I study optimization and its applications in machine learning.